Clifton Middle School Garden Update

A few months ago in the week immediately following our plant sale, The Forest Home & Garden Club donated some of our unsold plants to Clifton Middle School and several of our members volunteered their time to help plant the plants alongside some of the school’s Special Education students. One of these members went to check to see how the plants were doing and took these photos, She was happy to report that they have taken great care of the plants, and the garden was flourishing!

Home Safety

Our homes are where we should feel safe so for our October meeting we had representatives from both the Office of Alan Rosen, Harris County Constable, Pct 1 and the Houston Fire Department speak to our club members about things we can do to make our homes safer.

Home Inspection Checklist

All members received a copy of HFD’s Fire Prevention & Life Safety Guidebook, an invaluable resource full of tips ranging from how to create a fire plan to cooking safety to what to do after a fire. At the end of the booklet there is a great Home Fire Safety Checklist that every home should fill out.

We learned about the Get Alarmed Houston! Smoke Alarm Program

Additional fire safety and public education resources

Additional Resources: